Port-Royal Habitation near Annapolis Royal


The Mi'kmaq native people used this area as an encampment site over 3500 years ago and called the region "Te'wapskik" which means flowing waters.

The European influence began in 1605 when the area was settled by a small group of French explorers 2 years before Jamestown, Virginia, 3 years before the founding of Quebec, and 15 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Led by Samuel de Champlain and Sieur de Mons, the French named the new land Port-Royal, and built the Habitation as a center for their operations in Acadia.

This creative group formed the "Order of Good Cheer," North America's first social club the winter of 1606-1607. Champlain proposed the club in an effort to improve the men's health and boost morale during the long winter. The club provided both good food and good times.

Now you can share the area's 21st century good cheer, both in person and online. Visitors come from throughout the world to visit the Habitation (pictured above) and relive the days of the early French explorers. It is a full-scale authentic replica of the Habitation which was built on the original site in 1939. Port-Royal NHS is the first reconstruction of a National Historic Site in Canada.


The EXPLORER'S CLUB is a fun and convenient way to receive our e-specials, contest information and keep up to date on activities, festivals and special events. We sincerely respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared. Until you can explore the scenic Port-Royal/Annapolis Royal Area of Nova Scotia in person, sign up today for some virtual "Good Cheer!"

Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal
Port-Royal Habitation near Annapolis Royal

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